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Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

Commes des Garcons Wonderwood is a woody fragrance for men introduced in 2010. It includes all the wood notes plus some spices to liven things up such as Madagascan pepper, incense and nutmeg. What it smells like mostly is – you guessed it – wood: deep, dense wood charred but not quite smoky. The early stages of the fragrance are peppery and then there is a faint swirl of incense. Later it is smoother and more intense and smells like all the woods with some earthy patchouli underneath.
R 1 295.00

Creed – Green Irish Tweed

Creed Green Irish Tweed is one of the signature fragrances of the house of Creed and a favourite of many celebrities. As refreshing as a walk through the Irish countryside, the fragrance is rich, fresh, sporty and unforgettable. Green Irish Tweed has an invigorating freshness and pure masculinity that has made it not only one of the most artistic fragrances from Oliver Creed, but also one of the most successful. It opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. Middle notes include violet leaves and the base notes are ambergris and Mysore sandalwood. Launched in 1985.
R 5 195.00

Creed – Himalaya

Creed Himalaya is a fragrance of rugged masculinity and strength. Oliver Creed created this masculine fragrance to commemorate his daring climb in the beautiful but treacherous Himalayan Mountains. Himalaya conveys the magnificence, beauty, power and eternity of the unapproachable mountains with snow covered peaks. Himalaya’s metallic bottle is unique among the Creed collection and resembles a climber’s canteen. Himalaya was launched in 2002 and is a woody oriental/fresh fragrance – a clean scent of uplifting freshness.
R 3 950.00

Creed – Imperial Gold

Creed Millesime Imperial Gold is a light and invigorating fragrance for men and women, evocative of the citrus groves and beautiful seaside landscape of sunny Sicily. As versatile as it is beautiful, Creed Imperial Millesime can be worn by men and women for any occasion. Launched in 1995 it is warm and romantic with crisp citrus and soft flowers wafting on sweet salt air, Imperial Millesime transports you to a world of opulence and luxury. Top notes of fruit and sea salt; middle notes include lemon, bergamot and mandarin orange drying down to musk, woody and marine notes.
R 4 150.00

Creed – Original Santal

Creed Original Santal is a woody oriental fragrance for men and women inspired by the royal and spiritual splendour of India. Oliver Creed for the first time looks to Asia for inspiration and combines the essence of royal sandalwood trees from India with other pure elements known for sublime scent, spiritual strength and calming powers. They include red pencil cedar from Virginia, benzoin from Thailand, mandarin from Sicily, plus wild neroli, orange wood, infusion of vanilla and ambergris. The result is sensational, a fragrance that retains its warmth and depth but is piquant and punchy at the same time.
R 4 150.00

Creed - Royal Oud

R 3 995.00

Creed – Royal Water

Creed Royal Water is a dry and clean understated classic fragrance created as a tribute to the next generation of royals. With its versatility and regal appeal, Royal Water is a fragrance that appeals to both men and women alike. Fresh and cool it captures the glamour, energy and power of tomorrow’s international newsmakers. This invigorating celebration of the spirit opens with a fresh citrus infusion with peppermint, followed by juniper berry and basil and the base notes are musk and ambergris.
R 5 195.00

Creed – Silver Mountain Water

Creed Silver Mountain Water created in 1995 is a favourite of perfumer Oliver Creed and was inspired by his fondness for skiing. It evokes sparkling streams of water coursing through snow topped Swiss alps. The white bottle looks like a Swiss mountain topped with snow and the cap is a glistening silver stream. The fragrance starts with top notes of bergamot and mandarin, followed by a refreshing infusion of green tea and black currant and base notes are a composition of galbanum, musk, sandalwood and petit grain. Invigorating luxury and purity in a bottle.
R 6 495.00

Creed – Tabarone

A fragrance for men who aspire to be leaders, Creed Tabarone has the essence of success in every drop. The name “Tabarone” honors the pinch of finest tobacco aroma that gives this fragrance its English club luxury. A rich, warm, sensual fragrance perfectly balanced by a citrus freshness, Tabarone is classified as dry woods/green. It opens with notes of bergamot and tangerine, followed by ginger. Sandalwood, patchouli, ambergris, tobacco and leather form the base notes.
R 4 995.00

Creed – Vetiver

True to its name, Creed Original Vetiver is a dramatic re-invention of a vetiver based fragrance. Vetiver fragrances traditionally derive their fragrances from the roots of the plant. Original Vetiver achieves a new and natural freshness by infusing the vetiver leaves into the blend. Original Vetiver is green with a touch of Mediterranean citrus and spice. Launched in 2004, this fragrance opens with top notes of ginger, mandarin and Italian bergamot, followed by a composition of vetiver from Haiti, sandalwood from India and iris from Florence. The base notes are musk and ambergris.
R 4 150.00